Running Program


Movement Assessment and Gait analysis

Analyzing your body’s movement pattern and gait cycle is a great place to start a running specific training program. Understanding compensations in your movement pattern can help you identify potential muscle imbalances affecting your running form and help avoid common injuries.

Corrective Exercise Programs

Based on the results of your movement assessment, appropriate corrective exercise programs will be recommended.  These specific programs will consist of a warm up, self-myofascial release (foam rolling), static stretching, isolated strengthening, and integrated dynamic movements.   Regular completion of these programs will help restore your muscles to the appropriate length tension relationships they require for optimum performance.  This will improve the quality of your movement patterns and reduce your risk of injury.

Strength Training

While some strength training techniques will be specific to particular corrective exercise programs, many strength training exercises can be beneficial for anyone preparing for a race.  Having adequate muscular strength and endurance is essential in protecting joints and connective tissues from pattern overload and ground reaction forces.  

Cardio Training

To design a cardio training program, you must first identify your resting heart rate, maximum heart rate, and target heart rate zones.  Cardio training programs consist of performing progressive intervals and/or maintaining consistent heart rate readings for the appropriate amount of time in each heart rate zone.  Proper running progressions will be recommended based on overall physical conditioning, kinetic chain alignment, and previous running experience.


It’s no secret that weighing less will make running a lot easier on your body.  Learn about appropriate caloric intake to lose a few pounds before the race or to maintain your body weight during a distance training program.  Nutritional tips, healthy food lists, and meal recommendations for race day are available

Individual Training Rates

30 minute session = 50
45 minute session = 60
60 minute session = 65

Private Group Training Rates
(Up to 4 participants): add 10 dollars for each additional person