Welcome to Balanced Miami Healing Jewelry

Balanced Miami is a Holistic Program created by T2 Training.

This program was created thanks to understanding the importance of reset your body by clearing your mind. This process will help you create a deeper connection with your inner self and open your mind to a more conscious life.


With the use of holistic tools such as oil blends, herbs and teas, crystal and reiki healing, meditation, chakra studies, aromatherapy to name a few, you will find an alternative way to maintain a better and balanced lifestyle.

Our mission is to create a community of awareness were we share our beliefs in holistic health and wellness. We provide events for the community at a low cost fee of even by donation!

We also work close with local vendors to promote their businesses. 

We have created a balanced shop with the purpose of assist clients by using specific products to help improve wellness.

Our healing jewelry is handmade and our crystals are mainly directly from Brazil mines and most of them are grade AAA. Each crystal has been energized with Reiki energy and smudge with palo santo, sage or other natural energy cleanser.

Our herbs and teas are purchased locally from our local vendors in South Florida.

Our oil blends are also natural and certified organic. 

We take the time to do our research and select the best products for our clients.

Thank you for being part of this community. We love to share the awareness!

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